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SlopSwap Decentralized Exchange Generator

Learn More About the DEX Factory and the DEX LP Token.

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Please select the Blockchain Network you would like to deploy your exchange on.
LP token name that is associated with the DEX
Token symbol associated with the DEX
Enter the wallet address you would like all fees/profits to be sent
The admin will be able to change where the fee is deposited for trades. (Basically the owner.)

DEX Contract Generated Info

Below you'll find your custom generated smart contracts. Make sure to keep this data stored in your records for safe keeping.

Factory Contract:
Router Contract:
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Current DEX Gen Fee: BNB
Blockchain Network:
LP Token Name:
LP Token Symbol:
Fee Address:
Admin Address:

DEX Fee Paid Receipt

About the DEX Generator

Do you need a Decentralized Exchange like Pancake Swap, Uniswap, or SushiSwap? Here at SlopSwap, we believe in making decentralized technology easy and accessible to everyone. We firmly believe that through widespread adoption comes innovation and growth within the industry. In this section of our DEX Generator, you'll be able to create your Factory and Liquidity Token. All you have to do is provide us with your Liquidity Token Name and its Symbol. You can start the process by entering the token information in the fields below.